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Ever needed to check if a printer you like is compatible with OS X? Apple have a full list of compatible printers right here: OS X Compatible Printers & Scanners Not sure if your device is still under warranty or looking for manuals? Just put your s/n here: Apple Self-Service & Warranty Check Questions about iCloud? Great…


iOS 6 Ad Tracking

iOS 6 includes over 200 new features, Ad Tracking is one of them. Each iOS 6 device now have their own Advertisement Identifier it’s a “non-permamnent, non-personal, device ID” And every app will be required to use this ID.   Why is it good? Because apps won’t collect any personal or device info and you…


Fetch and Push Settings on the iPhone

Let’s start with the difference between Fetch and Push. Fetch – Phone Periodically asks Server if there are any new messages, can be used with any mail server, usually used if Push failed or not available. Push – Server (iCloud or Exchange) send information to the phone as soon as it gets new messages or…


iPhone Dock Tip

Did you know that it’s possible to put a folder in the iPhone dock? It’s useful if you have more than 4 favorite apps or you can put a folder with Safari bookmarks for easy access.  


How to Backup to iCloud

Here is a few simple steps to Backup your device to the iCloud. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup Switch iCloud Backup to ON (it might prompt you for you Apple ID) then scroll down and Tap on Back Up Now.


Data Roaming on the iPhone

Here is a helpful tip on how to protect yourself from very high charges for Data Usage while traveling. Go to General -> Network And switch Data Roaming to Off, it’ll prevent your iPhone from using Data Plan when you are out of country.


Delete multiple photos on the iOS

Have you ever wondered how to delete multiple photos at once? Here is how: Go to Photos and select Camera Roll. Click on the symbol in the top right corner and then tap on the photos you want to delete. After you are done selecting click on the delete button in the bottom right corner….


Scrubbing on the iPhone

In order to scrub a song on the iPhone open Music App then touch anywhere on the track and start slowly sliding down. The closer you get to the bottom of the screen the finer the scrubbing will become.   It will change from Hi-Speed to Half Speed to Quarter Speed and finally to the…


How to set Strong Password on the iPhone/iPod/iPad

Have you ever wanted to put stronger password on you iPhone? Here is how: First go to Settings->General->Passcode Lock Enter you current password if you have it, and switch Simple Passcode to Off Enter your Old password (if you have it), and enter your new passcode, keep in mind that it’s case sensitive. Now Lock…


Music App Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on how to quickly control your music. To control your music from the lock screen, double click on the Home button and playback controls will appear. Also, to can control your music from any App on your iPhone, double click on the home button and swipe right, you’ll see…

Camera Options

Camera Tips and Tricks

With the iPhone’s camera becoming one of the dominant devices people use to take pictures and video, here’s a few tips and tricks to make the most of perhaps the most convenient camera for iPhone (and iPod/iPad) users. First, go to your device’s camera from the home screen. Next, as you look along the top, you have…