Why does Broken-Mobile.com provide FREE shipping on purchases and returns? Because we know how tough it can be to kick in the extra expense. Let’s face it, shipping costs are NOT going down. In fact, some consumers may find themselves shelling out as much as 25% of the cost of the product to pay for shipping.

At Broken-Mobile.com, we don’t think our customers should have to bear the burden of excessive shipping costs. This is why we guarantee FREE shipping when you make a purchase from our online store and on all returns.

Broken-Mobile.com believes in providing quality products at fair prices without any hidden costs or extra fees. Not many companies can make a claim to offer FREE shipping; they may boast about the low price of their services or products. However, once the shipping costs are calculated, the final price skyrockets.

At Broken-Mobile.com, all shipping is completed by the United States Postal Service so the expenses are kept to a minimum by utilizing the Flat Rate Shipping options. The low costs offered by the USPS allows us to offer FREE shipping to all of our customers residing in the United States.

Average shipping time is between 2 to 8 calendar days, depending upon your location. If you are not provided with a tracking number or do not receive confirmation of delivery within 7 days, Broken-Mobile.com will refund the purchase amount.

To send your cell, tablet, iPod &/ or computer for Repairs,  use the mailing address below:

9041 Liberia Avenue

Manassas, VA 20110